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Mid Season '19 Jewellery Trends

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Mid Season '19 Jewellery Trends

7 hot jewellery trends to consider right NOW. Chances are you're already working several of them - but should you fancy upping the ante and working a few twists into your personal look book, then friends, here are metallic answers to those dreams......

1.Curated Ears

We've blogged on this trend before and it's continued to evolve into a rampant blaze of opportunity for individual expression. All of a sudden we're considering double anti tragus or conch piercings, maybe a Daith ring (this last one can take up to 9 months to heal by the way - so be warned). Obviously the more piercings you have the more combinations are possible but even two on one ear allows for unexpected and lustworthy pairings.

Sammi Jefcoate Curated Ear in Scream Pretty Opal huggiesCurated Ear with Scream Pretty huggie hoops

There's some heavy weight celebrity endorsement of this jewellery trend; Zoe Kravitz, Jennifer Laurence and Scarlett Johanssen are giving a strong eargame with black diamonds and huggies on their curated ears. 

2. Dazzling Cuffs

The NEW season ear cuff is refined and dazzling, offering pain free options for creating the optimal #earparty. Our range of plain, pearl, opal and crystal cuffs are indistiguishable from real conch piercings and can be stacked together.

Plain Gold Ear CuffSilver Pearl Ear CuffSparkling Gold Ear CuffGold Opal Ear Cuff

Silver Opal Ear Cuff & Silver plain ear cuff and triple opal huggieEar Cuff Stack and sparkling bullet huggie


3. Hugs for Huggies

The Huggie hoop still reigns as Empress in the curated ear and her handmaidens are teeny tiny studs. We love that you can sleep in these comfortably and wake up accessorised! These sets  in black onyx, sparkling crystal, turquoise and opal allow for easily co-ordinated options.

teeny tiny studsBaguette and Bezel Cut Huggie Hoops

But there are NO RULES here, the aesthetic can be as punchy or delicate as you wish.  More and more is more!


Forget crossing your fingers as you walk under ladders just fill your jewellery box with talismanic adornment to ward off evil.

St Christopher Pendant necklaceLions Head Necklace

St Christopher pendants and Lion pendants are fashion fierce right now. Revel in supernatural protection AND fancy pants fashion points. 

5. Asymmetry

Earrings are getting cleverer; they twist, interlink and inhabit the ear at surprising intervals.  Like dark matter these earrings are asking big questions*; how exactly is it suspended so?  Do the laws of physics need to be rewritten? Experiment with asymmetry and chained double studs for quantum level style.

*relatively speaking

ars, cuffs and bags with mega pearls down the London Fashion Week catwalk ,and Burberry's models sported Pat Butcher pearl chandeliers teamed with tartan puffa longcoats.

6.Rainbows : Accessorise in glorious technicolour

Coloured gems add much needed lustre to this grey world. A rainbow studded earring will co-ordinate with prints/florals/tartans/denims/ or monochromes. If you're attempting the colour blocking trend de la saison (red jumper, orange skirt, blue boots for example?) a dash of rainbow jewellery can pull together a potentially 'dressed in the dark' look to heights of considered  coordination.

Rainbow Huggie Hoops

More compellingly this is a trend that signals positivity, inclusitivity and the full spectrum of love. And who doesn't love love? 

7. Layered Necklaces

We've experimented for a while now with the pretty layering of fine chains, but we confess to experiencing hair tangling and a bit of fluster taking several fine chains off at the end of 'sociable' nights out.

Layering has moved from ethereal looks to a more eclectic mix of long pendants teamed with a fiercer, chunkier chain or choker - and on a practical level this is working for us. Much less tangling.

Spiked Choker and Lion necklace


That's the lucky 7!

Coming up...Party Look inspirations and some exciting Guest Edits blogs (!)sooon plus EVEN MORE new huggie designs going live soon.

Keep on sharing your #screamprettyonme looks, we love them! 

xx Polly & Jessica




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