Your SS19/20 Jewellery Trend report

Your SS19/20 Jewellery Trend report

What you're wearing, will be wearing and WANT to wear. 

Pretty Piercings

Hands up who got a new piercing this year?  My daith finally healed and I just treated myself to a triangular trio of 3 close set piercings in my lobe that I'm planning to wear teeny sparkles in like a little constellation. The SS19 curated ear continues to evolve as an opportunity for individual expression. Whilst pear diamond studs at 5k a throw from a celebrity piercer are out of most budgets you can create your personal luxe look from a democratically priced $60 in sterling silver and 18ct Gold plate.

We've re-imagined the old-skool 80's round gold stud in a set of three, (live soon) graduated in size, for placing strategically across your piercings.

Scream Pretty Curated Ear

Silver ROCKS

Gold is still Queen of the precious metals. I personally am an all gold kinda gal, who only recently felt like mixing my metals. However the ALL silver vibe is a look to reflect upon. Srsly. One of our very fave influencers aka @teganphillipa ROCKS the look to perfection. She's SASSY, stylish and has some seriously empowering thing to say. In a sea of plastic fantastic Aussie influencers, Tegan is a breath of silvery fresh air. Check out her feed NOW.


Image above courtesy of @teganphillipa


The Motif Hoop Earring

Maybe its the promise of festivals and entire weekends barefoot on the beach eating burgers but we are vibing on FUN. Fun huggie hoops to be exact. We dare the world not to smile when they see full red lips or dinosaurs on the side of your face. It's a public service really.

  Red Lip Huggie Hoop Earrings

Gold dinosaur Huggie Hoop Earrings

What's NEW?

We've designed 3 new Coin Pendants for SS20 on a Heads or Tails theme (with.a bit of cheek). The booty inspiration for this piece came from a painting by 19th Century Swiss artist Felix Vallotton. A gorgeous statement piece with pleasing weight and 2D buttocks (how often d'you get to say that?) that will layer dramatically with longer fine chains and chunkier chain profiles.

Heads or Tails Coin Pendant
Heads or Tails Coin Pendant
Heads or Tails double sided Coin Pendant

(We like Big Butts and We Cannot Lie)

Rings on every Finger

This trend has been swirling around ever since Johnny Depp ROCKED the look. A less Piratey look has developed recently (thank da Lord) with delicate, sparkly bands and chunky statement Signet rings flashing all over dem fingers. 


Lion Head Signet ring in recycled silver

(If you like it then ya should put loads of rings on it)

Scream Pretty Rings

So there we are, some highlights from SS19, and teeny sneak peak of some designs that aren't even live yet ...

Our next blog will cover the pressing seasonal issues of party sparkle, gifting and even (if we can dare to imagine the sartorial flavours of 2020) cast our eye into the future, jewellery trends wise.

Your AW19/20 Jewellery Trend report

Keep Cool you beauties x Polly & Jessica x

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