Care Guide

Scream Pretty Jewellery is crafted to premium standards using 18K gold and 925 recycled sterling silver micron plating, designed with a selection of non-mined gemstones and freshwater pearls. However just like your delicate garments or designer shoes & sunnies, all good quality products still need a little bit of tender loving care. 


  • Please take care when removing pieces from their presentation box. In particular, be gentle with our studs which are designed to be dainty and are therefore delicate. 


  • Lightly wipe your jewellery with a jewellery cloth after each wear to remove any unwanted chemicals on the surface of your jewellery. 
  • Gently polish your items to bring back a shine and remove any tarnish. 
  • Take care not to over polish plated objects as you may remove the plating.
  • Be sure to wash your hands after using a specialised jewellery cloth as they contain chemicals to enhance the cleaning process. 
  • It is essential that you clean your jewellery and avoid chemicals, as tarnishing is not considered a fault. Our jewellery must come into contact with chemicals for tarnishing to occur, and this will not be covered by our warranty.

What to avoid:

Plated metals will react with chemicals and can cause jewellery to tarnish, however cleaning and storing your jewellery correctly will help to minimise this. 

  • Avoid wearing your jewellery when completing activities such as cleaning, gardening, swimming and showering.
  • Apply your cosmetics, moisturisers and hair products before adding your jewellery with clean hands.
  • Do not spray perfume directly onto or around your jewellery.
  • Avoid impact with hard surfaces, including other items of jewellery. This will protect against scratching and chipping.
  • Please note that all metals oxidise naturally with time and will require maintenance.


    Gemstones are delicate and will chip or shatter on impact with hard surfaces. Please take care when handling and storing. Please note that stones that break due to mishandling will not be viewed as faulty.


    Store your item in a moisture free room, in the box provided. Moisture and humidity can cause oxidisation and tarnishing, so please avoid storing your jewellery in the bathroom and keep your jewellery away from all sources of heat.

    Adjusting your items

    Adjustable rings are designed to be altered to your size once, and damage caused by excessive bending will not be viewed as a product fault. No other pieces are designed to be adjusted or resized in any way.