Single Earring Trend Alert - All the things about Single Earrings.

Single Earring Trend Alert - All the things about Single Earrings.

It's THE earring trend right NOW. The Single earring trend. A mixy matchy world of jewellery and we LOVE it. Why? It's a mix of nostalgia for some & retro appreciation for others. For everyone this trend evokes a punky rebellious attitude; a signal that you’re forging your own path. Some remember the thrill of leafing through Teen Mags and seeing 80's icons smash out of the norm with a sexy punk look that blew our adolescent minds.

Queen Madonna of SASSland ruled this look in the early 80's. The Single cross hoop earring was her signature piece. Instantly this look became iconic and the earring, a style classic

By '87, the boys were getting in on this trend. George Michael stole Madonna's style, added designer stubble and a Motorcycle jacket to create an image that came to define his life.

Next came an avalanche of 80's heart-throbs wearing the Single Earring trend. Johnny Depp & Rob Lowe amongst others wore their Single Cross (or Tusk) to prove they were edgy, bad boys. ALL the girls just wanted to have fun with them.

At the very end of the 80's the Single Earring trend enjoyed its final hurrah with an epic display of Statement Single by Janet Jackson and her Rhythm Nation. Her Single Key Hoop Earring hit all the right notes.

But then, the 90's decided to leave the trend in the past. An odd appearance of a single feather earring did occur but HUGE hoops, chandelier earrings and chokers RULED this decade. The noughties decorated itself with all the 'bling bling'. Ice ruled the jewellery roost & then Carrie Bradshaw wore her Name necklace #instantclassic

By the early 2010's, huge hoops were too ghetto and bling stopped being a thing. On a new wave of post-post-punk anti-establishment sentiment, the Single Earring trend began to re-emerge. Then, Hermione, er, sorry Emma Watson walked the red carpet in 2014 rocking leather, a punky attitude and a Single Earring. Cue audible gasps from fashionistas across the globe.

The trend was reborn. By 2017, the couture catwalks were awash with Single earrings. Fashion Darlings such as Tibi and Mary Katrantzou paraded huge statement single earrings.

 And then the boy with the Pearl Earring, Harry Styles completed the Trend Cycle's full 360 turn with this sassy style statement.

The Single Earring Trend is BAAACK and we are OBSESSED.

Scream Pretty Australia's world of single earrings expands every week. We have Chain Pearl Drop Singles aka Emma W, lightning bolts, clam shells, shooting stars.... 


Turquoise Spikes, Mix Tapes.....


and of course, the Classic Cross

All these charming charm options hang from a classic high-quality, high-gloss huggie hoop made from 18ct Gold or Solid Sterling Silver. Scream Pretty is THE one-stop shop for the Single Earring trend and we feel prety damn smug about that. Watch this space for even more very sooooon.

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