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Why Scream Pretty uses sustainable Recycled Silver ♻️

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Why Scream Pretty uses sustainable Recycled Silver ♻️

What is recycled silver? And why is Scream Pretty using it?

From 2020, Scream Pretty Australia uses recycled sterling silver as the base for all our pieces.

We've chosen to use recycled silver because we want our jewellery to be edgy AND ethical. Stylish AND sustainable. We are committed to decreasing fashion's impact on the environment. Recycled silver is produced using unwanted jewellery, scrap silver and elements from electronics and medical equipment. Recycling silver turns junk into treasure. Our silver isn't being mined and less chemicals are used to process the silver.

Recently, Directors of Scream Pretty visited Potosi, a 'Silver Mountain' in Bolivia, mined for 474 years. We saw first hand the impact of mining on the physical environment, the toxic chemical footprint required to process metal and the gruelling daily lives of the 16,000 workers. This experience made the decision to use recycled silver very easy.

Scream Pretty have worked closely with our casting team and silversmiths to make sure there is no loss of quality in our jewellery.

Scream Pretty Recycled Silver Jewellery

Scream Pretty also likes the sentimental journey of using recycled silver. The silver had a life before, a purpose, its own story, and by reusing silver we carry its story to the next generation.

This Summer has been crazy. Crazy bad. Now more than ever, we are all looking for ways to be part of the solution to climate change. We know consumers are looking for sustainability and ethical manufacture in the brands they buy and support. Scream Pretty Australia has always taken small steps towards sustainable and ethical business practices e.g. lab grown Opals, synthetic Turquoise, paperless communications and compostable packaging. A BIG step is using recycled sterling silver. Our manufacturer took some convincing but we knew if we persisted we would be creating a change for good. We fully love our recycled silver and are feeling pretty damn good about this decision.

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