Kelly Ann Shuman

Known for her alternative style, stunning tattoos and eye for detail, Kelly Ann has curated a signature edit of twelve Scream Pretty pieces, designed to mix-match and stack. Having started her career as a nurse in mental-healthcare, Kelly Ann now combines her love of fashion and her knowledge on mindset to bring her real, raw, authentic self online, inspiring others to do the same.

From mixed metals, vintage flourishes, palm tree obsessions and everyday staples from rings to hoops, Scream Pretty x Kelly Ann Shuman is a true celebration of self-expression.


Hailing from the Netherlands, and living in Austin, Texas, internationally published model, wellness and mindfulness guru Kelly Ann Shuman is bringing her eponymous style to her Scream Pretty x Kelly Ann Shuman edit.  

Vintage Hand Charm Collector Necklace by Scream Pretty
Vintage Hand Charm Collector Necklace
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Flaming Heart Locket Necklace
Flaming Heart Locket Necklace
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Cowboy Boot necklace in Gold by Scream Pretty
Cowboy Boot Necklace
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How would you describe your style?

"From day to day it can be so different - some days I dress super edgy, some days you may find me in your grandmother's dress."

"I love wearing clothes that are comfortable but unique. Just as my tattoos, I love expressing myself through my appearance."

Who’s your style icon – past/ present?

"I absolutely love David Bowie, you may have seen my Rebel Rebel tattoo! His sense of style is always a reminder to truly just wear whatever you want no matter what age, mixed prints, mixed textures, mixed colours!"

Tell us a bit more about your jewellery story – why did you choose these particular pieces for your edit?

"To me these pieces are timeless, I love how you can mix and match the timeless pieces with bold charms that you are in the mood for. It is good to always start with some staples, for example these golden hoops are my go-to hoops on a daily basis!"

"I had to add the cowboy boot as I live in Texas, it’s so detailed - obsessed! And as I will probably mention another 1000 times in my life - I have a weird palm tree obsession, I have about 8 palm tree tattoos, so the palm tree earrings were a must to include in my edit."

Open Heart Ring by Scream Pretty
Open Heart Ring
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Stardust Ring by Scream Pretty
Stardust Ring
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What’s your favourite piece in the edit to style?

"This is such a difficult question for me as I truly love them all. I would probably say the vintage hand charm collector necklace, I love the idea of attaching some of your favourite charms. Like the flaming heart or cowboy boot."

"Also, the open heart ring has been a staple of mine for a year now. The quality is absolutely amazing. I always get so many compliments wearing it."

Are you a silver/ gold girl or do you prefer mixing metals?

"I love mixing metals. Be bold!"

Twisted Triple Band Small Single Ear Cuff by Scream Pretty
Twisted Triple Band Small Single Ear Cuff
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Huggie Hoop Earrings with Clear Stones by Scream Pretty
Huggie Hoop Earrings with Clear Stones
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Palm Tree Stud Earrings by Scream Pretty
Palm Tree Stud Earrings
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What’s your all time favourite piece of jewellery?

"Rings, I will never leave the door without them. Especially my wedding ring, it’s white gold, two skeletons holding the diamond middle piece. Incredibly detailed."

What piece from your edit are you most looking forward to wearing in the summer?

"The vintage hand charm collector necklace and palm tree earrings (if you know me, you know I am a sucker for anything palm trees!)"